Explore space in one of our new planetarium shows! Each show is 20-30 minutes.

Journey to the Planets

3rd grade - adult
Blast off to explore our solar system! On the way, you'll discover a giant canyon, ice volcanoes, and a planet where you have birthdays twice a day. At the end of the trip, learn how there's only one planet perfectly designed for life.

Universe Beyond Imagination

7th grade - adult
Discover the strangest places in our universe; ones you can't even imagine! From black holes to pulsars, from planets with three stars to planets with none, you'll be amazed at the breathtaking, dangerous worlds we'll explore.


Take a ride on the C&S Railroad! This trip takes groups through Quartz Canyon, into a snow tunnel, past a roundhouse, and more.


Bring your own picnic lunch, then enjoy it at the pavilion! A serving table, seating for 80, and a large charcoal grill are all available at this location.